Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A day of meetings!

The cold weather has bitten in with some severity in the UK and although our little part of the country has been relatively snow free, the wind has been extremely bracing.

So it was incredibly good timing that yesterday was the day we were to meet a friend in town that I had been chatting to by email for a time. My search for friends in the transgender world has been quite frustrating to be honest. I am lucky in that I have a few close friends in the trans-world but they all live some distance away and sadly the lady I met with yesterday was no exception. But anyway, I don't wish to detract from the positives of the meeting and we did discuss the social side of the trans world.

Angela (or Angie for short!) is the lady's name and she has her own corner of the internet here. She was on her way back from Exeter and we decided to meet in my favourite Costa in town. I did warn her that there are two Costa's and one has not been understanding of my being transgender. Sure enough that was the cafe that Angie headed for! I left Mandy on the other one and headed out to meet her in the shopping precinct. We walked back and really appreciated how severe the wind was as we were now walking East and straight in it! I have dealt with cold winds before but this one was pretty extreme.

We got to the cafe and I introduced her to Mandy. Whilst supping out drinks we chatted about a few things and swapped opinions on the Laurels gender clinic. Angie couldn't stay too long as she has a fair drive back home and eventually we escorted her back to the car park. Hugs were exchanged and we have looked at meeting again in warmer weather. 

In the evening I had a meeting for my voluntary work. This is where we discuss issues but in an informal atmosphere. It was quite an enjoyable evening, we discussed serious stuff but had a good laugh doing it. It was particularly cold walking back from there and I will be most glad when the spring proper finally arrives!

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