Sunday, 3 March 2013

A new month and a new heading

So here we are, a new month and a new location for a start! Whilst it is sad that I have had to move from a dedicated website to a free platform, I have tried to take all the positives I can from it. Slowly, I will move as much as I can from my website although until August 2013, you can still view my previous creation here. I intend to move the better of the writings and hopefully the entire 30 months of adventures I have had. For those that haven't come from that website and are finding me for the first time, perhaps see the About Lucy page. There is a lot more about me including everything up to mid 2010, just after my first adventure in public.

As I said March is definitely a month of new headings for me. Becoming unemployed in mid February has left me in a position to change a number of things in my life. Working in the masculine job I had was starting to hinder my progress in living as a female. Changing my name last July was just the start of me becoming Lucy. I'd had a couple of years practice with going out in public every couple of weeks and then much more often. But it never prepares you fully for the reality of full time life as a woman. Those couple of years were the donkey work - honing the makeup skills, growing my own hair and dealing with the public in general as well as many other things. Now it's all about keeping that side of things in trim and lots of other small things. Improving my voice, my manner, still dealing with the public and generally dropping all the male traits that still lurk due to all those years of having to live as the wrong gender.

Job hunting this week has been extremely slow going. It could be very depressing if I was to let it be but I am trying to put a brave face on it all. Truth be told, there has been very little in the way of suitable work this week. I have applied for a couple of jobs but my years of being in masculine workplaces have left me chronically short of more modern skills and experience. I have had nearly all my working life in dead or dying industries and I am really paying the price. In better times an employer might take a chance on me in a new role but when there are a couple hundred applicants for a job, I have no chance. Many jobs that pay just the minimum wage are often looking for qualifications and experience.

It's not all bad and one piece of great news is that someone has offered me an interview in mid-March. It's completely unrelated to what I have been doing and looking at the job in question, it's something I could really get a lot from myself. I did mention being transsexual in the application and stated I needed an understanding employer because of my regular appointments at the gender clinic. With all this, I have gotten to that interview stage and this gives me some hope. I have also applied to work in a charity shop so if I do not get the job, I will be starting to build experience elsewhere.

We have been out pretty much every day this week and my partner, Mandy has already said how disappointed she would be were I to get a job! I think she has found it to be a great release to have someone wheel here into town every day in her wheelchair. 

Goodlands Garden, Taunton
Today was a pleasant wander around town after staying in all day yesterday - Saturday is my no-makeup day to try help my skin. The breeze was quite keen and reminded us how cold it has been for nearly a fortnight now. A coffee was the first stop although these have to be restricted now due to the high cost. Perhaps even more worrying was when I got to the I was asked if I wanted a large latte and small chocolate. This just show how often we have been frequenting our favourite Costa in town!

After our beverage, it was a walk around to get what we needed. One way of trying to cut costs is only buy food as we need it and this we have started to do this week. Our fridge looks surprisingly bare at the moment whereas it is usually field to the brim. We don't ever waste food, but do tend to keep a good stock of everything. We have also started using Lidl's a lot more. There fresh products, particularly fruit and vegetables, are much cheaper than anywhere else and the quality is also really good. The staff in both our Taunton stores have also been very friendly to me and this makes a real difference.

Taunton was quite cheery even though the weather is still quite grey. We had a walk through Vivary and noticed how much colour is appearing in the flower beds.

That's it for the moment. I will be back real soon, expect much more frequent updates than on my old website. 

Lucy x

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