Friday, 15 March 2013

Another week of disruption

Since becoming unemployed nearly 4 weeks ago, the one thing I have tried to get into my life is some routine, and failed!

Every weekend I say to Mandy and myself that next week I will start to get some order to my life only to find it falls to bits midweek or like this week, too much gets in the way. The only way I will be able to cope with being off work and Mandy's carer is to get some structure into things. Many of us that work hard or have worked hard for years dream of not having the pressure of work and lazy days but the reality is very much different.

I always had a lottery plan were I to win the big jackpot. My dream was to buy a smallholding, a few acres with woodland, perhaps a small pond and fields with some vegetable plots and a few small livestock. The idea would be to try and live self-sufficiently. So even as a millionaire, I wouldn't lounge around watching DVD's or gaming on the PS3 as is happening too much now.

There is stuff to do but most of it involves the outdoors in the garden and it has been extremely cold this week. Now the weather is a little milder (only a little mind!) I could do this apart from the fact it's going to rain, typical bloody British weather!

So next week, I have to start on some normality before I burn that PS3 out! I'm going to start by going out for a decent walk every morning - first thing I can get away with no makeup because there are less people about. I still want to take Mandy into town most days as the whole point in me being her carer was the fact she was getting out of the house more often, which is very important for her emotional health. The jobs in the garden can wait until better weather but I want to get on with them sooner rather than later. As well as this, I also want to try to find some more voluntary work. Samaritans is ok and challenging, but is a little faceless for my liking and as a transsexual, I want to be more out there and mixing with people as people do everyday. I did apply for a charity shop 2 weeks ago and am very disappointed that I have heard nothing back in that time. Still there are plenty more such shops in Taunton and other types of unpaid work as well.

Hopefully it'll make for some interesting writing!

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  1. It's early days Lucy but you've got the right attitude. Somehow I think that garden is going to look good in the summer.

    Susan XXX