Sunday, 24 March 2013

Back in town!

Since becoming unemployed (I'll soon start calling myself Mandy's carer and not unemployed!) we have been into town at least 6 days a week. Today I counted back and we hadn't been there since Wednesday! Thursday I had a shift at the Samaritans, Friday was the joyful visit to Exeter (A grey day) and Saturday was a much needed chill day.

Something that did happen yesterday to lighten my spirits was a charity shop I had filled a form in for rang me yesterday and I am popping in on Monday for a chat. This feels much different to a job interview and if I accept / am accepted then I feel quite excited by the prospect. It will be much more public than I am used to and really feels like pushing boundaries for me. I enjoy talking to people in shops and this is a great opportunity to build on that.

So today, it was actually quite nice to get back in to my friendly home town again. Exeter, whilst being very nice, now has a bad atmosphere about it and will probably stay that way until I am sorted at the gender clinic. We went to Vivary first and took a few photo's. This one was the best and even though my hair is a little flyaway, it shows it off really well. There was no styling at all today because of the weather and I am amazed at how much volume there is in it now. We are both having haircuts in a couple of weeks and I expect to have the inverted bob again. With a few more months growth and thickening, I expect it to look really good. It's been 18 months since I binned my hair clippers and the wait has been well worth it.

After Vivary, we decided on a coffee and again, the lady in the Costa knew exactly what I wanted. However, Mandy wanted a cooler and we joked about how silly it was to want an ice cold drink on such a cold day. The staff in this shop have never been a problem and it really warms me when they recognise and talk to me. It's a sign of acceptance more than anything and this is all I ask of anyone. The other Costa in town that referred to me as a gentleman last year could learn from their neighbours. 

It was off to the supermarket and the lady at the tills was particularly pleasant. She thanked us for shopping there and made a point of saying goodbye. After the last couple of days, I needed today. It helped reinforce that the decision I have made is the correct one and all this crap I am going through trying to prove it to those that are supposed to help me is going to be worth it in the end.

Thanks for reading and I value your comments too.

Lucy x

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