Friday, 1 March 2013

Blog open for business!

Well, here it is, my new blog to replace my costly website. I have thoroughly enjoyed running a website over the last few years but the costs of hosting and losing my job recently have meant that the time has come to go to a free offering. 

The pros are that I can now include comments with my updates. I was able to with my website, but this meant integrating scripts within my writings and I was always keen to just have my own content on there. Here, comments are easier to maintain (and remove if necessary!). Other pros are an easier to use interface, less needing to remember where everything is and if you have my blog saved, knowing when it has been updated. There are cons, and my galleries are perhaps the big loss. I have at least a thousand photo's on my old website and in August when the hosting runs out, they will be lost. For the future, I will be putting a few here and using my Flickr account for some more. 

It's early days and I am still moving some of my old writings to here so bear with me. If you wanted your blog or site in my links then don't hesitate to ask.

Lucy x


  1. Lucy,

    Welcome to Blogger!

    It might be early days yet but so far I like what I see from you. Reading today's blog (3/3/13) was just as enjoyable as on the old website. The transfer of your old material seems to be working ok.

    On a personal note it ought to inspire me to re-vamp my pages and get back to adding some more.

    Susan XXX

    1. Thanks Susan.

      I am quite impressed with the level of functionality of this platform and think I can get as good a site as I had, with it being much easier to administrate.

      Re-vamp? I don't know about that, perhaps some new writings?

      Lucy x