Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dealing with unemployment

It's been just under three weeks since I lost my job and I am finding that I'm struggling to get into any kind of routine. We do get out into town every day but we are often back by mid morning (there's only so much you can do with no money!) and this leaves me thumb twiddling and firing up the PS3 by early afternoon.

I have plenty to do with moving stuff from my website and I could easily fill several afternoons doing that, but it's hard work and requires a lot of concentration and patience with having to reformat most of it and then linking everything together. Once I have done three pages, that's enough for me.

My thoughts on where I am going with regards job hunting have changed over the past few weeks as well. There is very little out there that I can do at the moment due to my lack of relevant skills and experience. However we are looking at the possibility of me becoming a full time carer for my partner. This means changing one of her disability benefits and we have social services coming round tomorrow to help us with that. Something I have noticed over the past few weeks is how much happier my partner has been with me being around to help her and to take her out. Life before was not so good with her being cooped up all week and then a brief tour of the town on Sunday. I was just too tired in the week to be able to do any more than this. This change has made me think hard about whether trying to work full time is such a good idea with her and her disability.

Ironically, since starting to think along these lines, I have been invited for two interviews! It is probably too late to do anything about one because it was arranged so long ago but I had another letter yesterday inviting me. I decided that I would contact them and after a long conversation with an understanding lady, she has cancelled my interview with the understanding that when we get sorted with me being a full time carer, I would be welcome to the interview with the intention of working part-time, you can do so many hours as a carer without it affecting you carers allowance.

So that's where we are at the moment. I still have one interview next week and again, I will explain the circumstances and see where it goes. 

Next week, we shall hopefully know a little more about what is going on and I will start to get that much needed routine back into my life!

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