Tuesday, 26 March 2013

One short walk to the doctors, one giant trek across town!

Titles are hard to come up with sometimes and this is one thing that I have struggled with since moving from a website to a blog. A version of Neil Armstrong's epigram seems appropriate for today though!

Today was meant to be a trip up the doctors for Mandy, get a few bits and pieces in town and straight back home. The reality was much different!

We set out for the doctors and I always now walk instead of drive. I don't see the point in driving anywhere that is within walking distance although the doctors practice has a steep hill on the way that is also quite rough. This makes it a bit of an effort with the wheelchair and the dead weight in it! We got there and Mandy rattled off her latest problems which included some problems with pain in her fingers. I already knew what was coming and sure enough, she wanted us to get an x-ray done at the hospital.

There was no urgency for this but I have stint at Samaritans tomorrow in the day, a voluntary work trial for a charity shop Thursday and of course Friday and next Monday are Easter. So we either left it until next week or made the decision to head across town today, which we did. It's at least an hours walk from the doctors to the hospital and I was quite glad of a sit down when I got there. They were lightning fast for a change and less than ten minutes later, I was headed back to town again.

We had to get some things in town and for some reason it was incredibly busy. I'm not so sure why but perhaps the upcoming Easter has something to do with it. I think a lot are already on holiday. If they are, they ought to cheer up a little, most seem really miserable. We got what we needed and four hours after setting out, got home again and in all that time, I was probably off my feet for thirty minutes of it. I also had a 75 minute walk first thing so I've notched up a few miles today. I suppose it can't do the waistline any harm!

As an aside, yesterday, I had an interview at a charity shop with the intention of doing some work there. I was shown around by a lovely lady and it seemed like quite a nice place with a friendly atmosphere. After all this, I was then told there were no positions available at this moment but would call me if there was an opening. This I find strange, why advertise the job and why call me in? I did have a momentary thought that perhaps being transsexual might have made her find this subtle way out but she did say to give them a call in a few months if I hadn't heard anything. It's too easy sometimes to get caught up in the trans-paranoia so I'll hope this wasn't the case. 

On our way back from there I arranged a work trial (which I mentioned above) and I hope something will come of that. If not, I still have a few more avenues to explore. Even though I have my hands full looking after Mandy, I still want some other interests outside the home and it keeps my feet in the employment market in case circumstances change.

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  1. Good luck with the trial, L:ucy.

    I'll be interested to hear how it goes.

    Susan XXX