Thursday, 21 March 2013

Time flies by!

So it's Thursday already and this surprises me. The days really seem to march on and this surprises me.

Firstly, I don't consider myself unemployed any longer. I am now Mandy's carer and it's only by losing my job, that I have seen the necessity to assume that role. This is a full time job although not in the 9-5 sense we all think of as a job. It starts of in the morning by helping Mandy get up, get breakfast ready and then clear it all up afterwards. 

It's then bathing time, we usually share the water because of the joys of having a water meter! We don't share the bath of course, it's never practical for most couples in normal baths so with one of us with knackered knees, it just aint gonna happen! I then help Mandy get dressed and then get myself ready if we are heading into town. It's usually 9.30 by now and I get the wheelchair out and start the 20 minute push into town. We get what we need done which these days includes groceries. Long gone are the weekly shops and as part of our living frugally campaign, we just get what we need as we want it as well as cashing in on offers. With the wheelchair loaded up, I then push it back home and get Mandy back in before unpacking the shopping.

It's a small break and then time to get a bit to eat for lunch. The afternoon is usually a little quieter unless I have some baking to do. I often make cakes and other things as our cheap treats. Our cupcake maker has proved invaluable lately and the next few weeks I have some other ideas for wholesome but cheap cooking. Towards the end of the afternoon I have to get our evening meal on the go before we settle down in front of the TV with either a DVD or some time on the PS3. Finally, I have to get Mandy into bed at the end of the day and assuming no problems in the night, rest up until the next day.

I appreciate this doesn't sound like the 8 hour stint like I was doing in the sawmills, but I am on the go for a good 16 hours of the day on and off. This description of my day doesn't include washing up, dealing with laundry, making cups of tea and other drinks, fetching this and that and many other task that may seem trivial to some but are impossible for Mandy to do. In fact, assuming these task has been tricky because Mandy has managed to do them for so long, she finds it hard to remember that I am there to do them. She tries to be as active as possible but often the pain in her joints makes it difficult.

Looking back at all this, I wonder how I ever did manage to go to work. It's not all gloom and doom, in fact I quite enjoy doing this although I do want to do some part-time work when we have everything sorted out. I have applied to a charity shop for some voluntary work as well as another organisation that provides books for free for the moment just to try to keep my hand in the working market.

So I can see now why the days do fly by! 

Just a small thing to finish with, Mandy was writing a comment on a blog this morning and when she got to the "prove you're not a robot" bit found this one a little close to certain vulgar word! Just remove that r....


  1. Lucy,

    Is this the start of the routine you've been seeking? It certainly appears that life is settling down into a regular pattern and that you are content, as far as it goes.

    Hasn't a lot happened in just five weeks? I hope it's all to the good for both of you and in my view well deserved.

    As for anti-robot devices, at least you can read this one, even if the possible vulgarity is lost on a nice girl like me.....

    I wouldn't mind betting that somewhere there is a website dedicated to such classics.

    Susan XXX

    1. Susan,

      I did try hunting around for a site that specialised in funnies such as this but to no avail. Instead I entered "prove you're not a robot" funny into a search string on Google for images and found a few funny ones on there but you never know if they are for real or produced...

  2. One of the (many) things that has surprised me as I've transitioned is that I enjoy housework. I wouldn't wish to be dusting every day, but once a week is fine, and seeing the clothes I cleaned (well, my washing machine cleaned) hanging on the line is very satisfying.

    I'm impressed with your cooking skills. I'm slowly becoming reasonably proficient at cooking, but being married to a former catering manageress ensures that I'll always be second in command on that score.

    Angie x

    1. Hi Angie,

      I have no worries on the cookery front, I taught Mandy a lot of what she now knows! I always have enjoyed many forms of cookery and even now feel angry that as a male, I was not allowed to select it as a subject at school. We are talking late 80's here and even then, boys didn't do cooking!

  3. Lucy,

    I think my school must have been "progressive", which is not a term I would have associated with it, at least not in the early 1960s.

    I went to a mixed secondary modern and it was well equipped for "domestic science" - for the girls at least. However, in my second year we were given a weekly option period and one of those options was cookery. A friend and myself, along with quite a few boys went for this and from what I recall it was enjoyable and I might even have learned something. What's more I don't remember getting any stick from the others.

    I'm sure these days the education system is far more open minded in such matters. The strange thing is that although cooking has always traditionally associated with women, most top chefs were, and probably are still, men. Go figure!

    Susan XXX