Monday, 4 March 2013

Vivary park in March

For those that don't know, Vivary park is our main town park in Taunton. I find it very hard to find any town in our part of the country that has a park that comes close to the size, quality and beauty of this park. 2010-2012 saw Mandy and I wandering around a lot of the South-west and we can only think of Bournemouth Park and gardens that compare in any way. There are plenty of country parks in the South-west but I am talking town parks here and there are no others we have visited that match Vivary. We feel very lucky to have this park on our doorstep and recently we have probably visited it up to 5 times a week. It's often peaceful and quiet which makes it often hard to believe you are in the middle of a county town. There are plenty of benches and shelters so even when busy or raining, there is escape from it all. An ice-cream van is often around somewhere and the golf course next door has a cafe that the public can use. There is a small wooded pond to one side and a stream that runs down the entire length with ducks and moorhens aplenty and even a resident goose! Squirrels are often to be seen running around and they are incredibly tame to the point where they will take food from your hands. The council takes great pride in the park and there is often a workforce moving around tidying or working on something.

I have taken hundreds of photo's in the park so decided for my new blog, that perhaps a monthly tour would be good to see how it changes through the year. At the moment, it's a little bare but there is some nice colour emerging in the form of bedding plants and crocuses (croci is also an acceptable plural!).

Just inside the main gates from the town and already the flowers are impressive.
There is a large rose garden and courtyard to the left but that is a little bare at the moment. Primulas and crocuses are on display at the moment.
One of many park benches. Sadly/thankfully there is only one of me!
The pond is behind but the ducks (and seagulls!) come here to be fed by the many flavours of homo sapiens.
These are full of perennials but at the moment all trimmed back. They look quite impressive in the summer.
A long shot at the back. This is a massive green area and on a sunny day it full with people.
Fully wheelchair friendly of course.
Shelter from the rain when you need it and a bit of colour too. 

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