Sunday, 10 March 2013

Warm, cold and extremely cold!

The last few weeks in the UK have seen the temperature quite cold but at the start of this week it started to warm up quite nicely. Tuesday was a lovely sunny day and the feel of spring was in the air. This was evident in the ducks amorous activities in Vivary, trying to make ducklings that will only be eaten by the resident seagull population.

The crocuses have really bloomed with the mild weather
Towards the end of the week, it was getting quite humid and memories of the cold spell were quite distant. Our central heating was starting to rely on the thermostat to decide whether to kick in - for the first time since January). Even dad who always moans about the cold, started to say how mild it was. Finally yesterday evening I had a stint of work at Samaritans and didn't even wear tights for the first time this year.

Today, the cold is back with a vengeance! We walked into town and were ready for it by wrapping up warm but the wind was suddenly very brisk indeed. It sleeted all the time we were in town and towards the end, we were glad to be coming home. It's such a British thing to moan about the weather, but these last few years have seen our climate change considerably with more of these extreme swings all the time. I suppose we have to get on and live with it but tomorrow they are predicting a wind chill of -5 to -8 in the South West! I am meeting a friend in town and will be wrapping up very warm. There is even the threat of snow and I was very close to packing away those wellies at the beginning of the week!


  1. Crazy isn't it, Lucy? (Or more likely typical English weather.) A week ago the sun was shining and thoughts of spring were on everyone's mind. Now today as I write this it's snowing quite heavily and settling too. The cold wind is indescribable.

    A hope your meeting goes well and at least the chosen venue is the right place for hot drinks. (But I’d make sure of some nice warm tights!)

    Thank for a great photo of Vivary Park – crocuses are always a joy to see at this time of the year.

    Susan XXX

  2. Thanks Susan,

    I wonder quite what you are waking up to today? The BBC were at Pease Pottage services and it wasn't too bad there but some of the roads in Sussex looked pretty awful.

    Lucy x