Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Back to the grindstone

I had my trial in a charity shop today and am happy to say it has been a very enjoyable day.

If you have read previously, you will know that I have struggled to find such work recently and this coupled with the feelings of isolation that looking after a family member can bring has frustrated me to say the least. I had a miserable couple of hours at one shop last week but thankfully today was much better.

When I approached the shop in question, I already had a good idea it would be a nice place to work. It's a little more out of the way than some and has a different, quirky approach to it's layout.

I went in this morning and straight away I was asked if I wanted to go on the front end handling transactions. I was surprised, thinking this was the job everyone wanted, but often it is not. I accepted and I have spent pretty much the whole day dealing with customers. It doesn't get much more public than this and if I had had any problems being in public prior to today, I certainly would have none by the end of it! It all went fine and I was asked if I would be back. 

I was happy to say yes and my first proper shift is on Friday. I have the gender clinic on Thursday and felt that if it made me feel a little low like last time, the best thing I can do is be doing something I enjoy and distract me a little. I even mentioned this to the manager and she was happy to accommodate me. They seem pleased that I am able to take on some responsibility which gives the managers time to be dealing with other things like online sales and promotions.

Everyone has been friendly and accepting which has helped my morale and self esteem a great deal. I even walked back from there with another lady halfway through town and even though I hardly knew her, she threw her arms around me in a hug and said "see you Friday". This kind of acceptance goes a long way and further reinforces my view that very few are actually are actually against us. Many of the customers today haven't even batted an eyelid and I hope it's just the start of something very positive for the future.

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  1. Lucy,

    What a treat it was read this. It gave me a lift to hear that it went so well. The final paragraph was worth it alone.

    Susan XXX