Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Becoming forty!

Last Friday was my birthday and it was one of those biggies, the end of being in my thirties and moving on to the forties. Many think of this as some sort of milestone but to be honest, I've never really had any thoughts on such things. In fact, I am more happy about the 4th July which sees me celebrate one year of full time as a woman.

With this in mind, you can perhaps feel there was no major celebration planned. Susan, my good friend from Sussex was coming down for a few days and we planned a few days out. 

She arrived on Thursday, early as usual and she had to wait for me to get ready. We had a short wander around town, a look at Vivary before returning home for an easy evening.

Friday was the birthday and we decided on something different, a trip to Exmoor. We went to Lynmouth with the intention of a combination of wandering and walking. After arriving (which included a wrong turn on the way), a quick coffee was in order. A few photo's on the seafront and then it was up the cliff railway to the town on Lynton. We had a look around, there has been some redevelopment of the shopping area but there is still very little there and it has the feel that it is solely for tourism. We decided that we would walk back down to Lynmouth and this was much harder than we realised. It's a very steep path and I was not aware how hard this was going to be in women's flats. In the past I have walked this in men's trainers with no problems but this day it was tough going.

A bite to eat was sought and found and then we walked a little up the river towards Watersmeet. A delightful footpath but again, the footwear was not suitable. Eventually, we turned round and vowed to return in the summer better prepared. It was feeling like time to leave and we decided a stop at Minehead would be nice as the weather was starting to look nice and sunny. There's not a fantastic amount of anything at Minehead but we did have a good look around the shops. A final coffee of the day was had at Coaster. This is not a spelling mistake, there was actually a cafe called Coaster. I thought about trying to see if they would accept my Costa loyalty card but something made me doubt it!

We drove home and found my partner Mandy had decided to adorn the house with some party banners telling all and sundry I was the age of 40! We had a buffet style tea and another friend Vicky arrived. It was just a mellow evening of food and chat. Big parties don't appeal to me anymore and I couldn't have asked for a better evening.

Saturday was a shopping trip to Exeter. The weather wasn't particularly brilliant but we made a real good day of it. I think we managed at least 20 charity shops but sadly nothing piqued our interest. Now I have a little experience of working in such places, I found it interesting how I viewed all the different one in Exeter and how I would have done things differently. 

Sunday was a trip to Weston-Super-Mare along with another friend of mine, Tracey. This was really enjoyable even though the weather was poor again! Of course we had to go to the tea room on the pier as a birthday treat for Mandy as it had been closed when we went there last year.

And finally Monday was another little wander around Taunton before Susan had to set off back for home. It finished off what was a fantastic weekend and knackering too!


  1. Lovely photos, Lucy. I recall commenting on your skimpy footwear the last time you visited Lynmouth, which gives me an idea for a belated birthday present - on July 4th, perhaps?

    Today I wore a skirt and 'proper' walking boots. Not the height of elegance, but they kept my tootsies cosy and dry.

    Anyway, 'happy birthday!' It's great to see you looking young and happy.

  2. Lucy,

    A rather belated comment on what is a very good description of a fabulous weekend. I don't believe there is any fixed way of celebrating such a milestone (and please don't ask me to remember mine - I can't!). But to share yours in this way was something special and will remain a treasured memory.

    The weather may not have been all we'd wished for, but the photo from Minehead shows that we weren't completely out of luck.

    Let's hope we can get that walk to Watersmeet under our belts later in the year. I now have some idea of what the route is going to ask of us.

    Susan XXX

  3. Young Lady!!! I can call you that because I'm 67. Happy Belated B'day. The Fourth of July is our Independence Day, how clever of you to declare your Independence on the same day!

    I don't mind the weather conditions they're in your photos. Seriously, If dressed appropriately, I would enjoy a foggy day. I lived in San Francisco for six years. I always enjoyed walks in the foggy city by the bay.

    Now that you are noticing differences in merchandising and the business of running a charity shop, any thought of running your own?

    Give my warmest regards to Mandy.

    Gia xx