Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Facebook: Resistance WAS futile!

Where to start on the subject of Facebook? 

So, Facebook was launched in February 2004 and it has been something I have steered well clear of in all that time. Quite why is difficult to answer and the reasons have changed over time.

In the early days, I personally was still in that mindset that you used an alias on the Internet, gave out very little information about yourself and rarely put photo's anywhere on the web. Changing this attitude was never going to be simple even though the WWW has become a much friendlier place over the years. 

Of course, these thoughts did change and couple with coming out as Lucy, I was starting to put more of myself on the Internet. Then there was the avoidance of herd mentality, everyone was on Facebook so I would have nothing to do with it. I did relent a little and joined Flickr instead. However, Flickr has not moved on much over the years and it feels a little creaky to me. There is also a darker side to Flickr and that is where the transgendered find their accounts locked or restricted for no obvious reason. Complaining also doesn't work and I hope it's only a matter of time before someone takes legal action against this practice.

Recently working in a charity shop has brought me into contact with a completely different social group and I have had to join the herd or not be completely part of this group. It has been interesting and there has been a lot to learn. Something that feels much different is that friends and contacts feel much more "in the real world" whereas Flickr seems like a separate world. My reasoning behind this feeling is that on Flickr, I slowly built up a list of friends who I would never meet. On Facebook, I have met them already, it's just another communication tool and and perhaps a way of extending the social life I have with them.

So that's it now and as my friend Al said, "Abandon hope all ye who enter here!"


  1. Lucy,

    Like you I’ve enjoyed a love-hate relationship with Facebook. In my case I run two accounts, one for my male persona and one for Susan. The male one is used solely for keeping in touch with the younger members of my family and has never been for keeping up with friends.

    The Susan account has lacked in purpose even more so. Although I started it some years ago it lay dormant until I started attending a certain dressing service social gatherings. I realised that many of the attendees were on Facebook and so I re-activated the account in an attempt to communicate with them. Somehow it never worked out the way.

    I can fully understand your reasons for becoming active, especially as it is tied up with new avenues in your social life. Flickr is so moribund at present and as we agree, the chances of developing a “real” friendship are pretty low, although not impossible as we know thankfully. I’ve just found out today that an old friend has just deleted her account (again) and quite frankly I’m totally mystified.

    Now, let’s have a go at the jigsaw app you pointed me to.

    Susan XXX

  2. Try the Songpop app one Susan its addictive. xxxx

  3. As Lucy echoed, "Abandon Hope......."

    I'm already taking the jigsaws too seriously.


    Susan XXX

  4. I'm glad to see that you are finally on Facebook, Lucy. Like you, I have found most of the people there to be very real, especailly the community of trans women going through transition, and I don't find much of that on Flickr. If you can filter through all the "lighter side" of Facebook, there is a good support network there. Feel free to send me a friend request if you like..:)
    Tammy Matthews