Monday, 1 April 2013

Good Monday?

The title? Mandy had a "moment" this morning and referred to today as Good Monday. There was nothing exceptional about today, as in it wasn't an extra "good" day but coming up with these titles get harder and harder! When I had my website, I just use the date and perhaps I ought to go back to doing that...

Yesterday was a fabulously sunny day and we maximised that to the fullest by not even setting foot outside the door. I had had a night shift at Samaritans and hadn't got to bed until 3.30 in the morning. Add to this the fact that the clocks have changed and I was in a tired place yesterday. 

So today we planned to pop into town and then have a walk later in the day and lunch down at the river. We set off for town and it became clear that today was not going to be too warm. The sun was hidden behind a good thick covering of cloud and the wind is still extremely cold. It has been the coldest ever recorded Easter in the UK, and we don't need to be told that because we can feel it!

We got into town just before 10.00 and were amazed at how quiet it was. It was quieter than at the same time on a Sunday yet many shops had been open since 9.00. We were only after a few groceries but did have a walk around the centre. I got some good photo's down at Goodlands on the river Tone. The river is much lower at the moment, in fact it's below it's normal bank something we have not seen much of since last June. It may be cold at the moment but I am thankful for this extended period of dry weather. I have a friend coming down for a few days next weekend and I am really hoping we can keep it dry until after then. Typically when she does visit, it is always raining but lets keep it optimistic! 

We headed back to the supermarket and grabbed a coffee on the way, the warmth was much needed and on our way back home we decided to abandon our picnic by the river. The direction of the wind would have completely wrong as it was the same as the way the river flows. So that was pretty much it for today.

Tomorrow I am starting working in a charity shop. It is actually a work trial but I am very optimistic it will be more than that. I wrote here about my disastrous trial on Thursday and here about a much more enthusiastic manager on Saturday. Instead of viewing tomorrow with a sense of dread like I was on Thursday, I am actually really excited about it. There was an energy about this manager that made me want to work there. I'll be sure to write about it tomorrow evening and hopefully it will be all good.


  1. Lucy,

    No one can doubt that our first ever meeting was a rather damp one, especially when that idiot in the car managed to add to the soaking we'd already had. However, looking back at our subsequent meetings I think we've been lucky in avoiding any more real soakings.

    The only thing I can't say we've had is the opportunity to enjoy each other's company on a warm sunny day, the sort of weather that makes you want to have a picnic by the river. I'm sure it's far too much to hope for next week, but maybe one day it will happen and we can get those summer frocks out.

    Susan XXX

    1. Susan,

      Agreed, they haven't all been total washouts although that first one was extremely wet!

      The latest I have heard on the forecast is that in 6 or 7 days it is going to get warmer. The sad thing is that this usually means rain, especially in the South West. We can hope I suppose...

      Lucy x

    2. Lucy,

      There are similar forecasts starting to appear in these parts. It seems we can't have warmth without the threat of rain.

      Now I can't decide weather to bring my thermals, my sundress or my wetsuit!

      Susan XXX

    3. Susan,

      It's officially happening now, I saw a forecast today and they seemed so happy a warm area was coming in off the Atlantic. They seemed oblivious of the band of rain behind it! That's Tuesdayish so just perfect for wetting it all down for Thursday!

      Lucy x

    4. Lucy,

      So that's settled it then, I'll bring the scuba gear!

      It's becoming difficult to remember what warm weather is like. It's definitely several degrees colder today and there has been signs of snow in the air. The local forecast is talking about a "light dusting of snow" overnight. From experience this can mean anything up to 4 cm!

      Let's be positive - it's going to be a fine weekend.

      Susan XXX

    5. Susan,

      Your are right, it will be a fine weekend. That's this weekend of course, not the one WE want!

      Lucy x