Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mind Medicine!

If you have read Thursdays post about another trip to the Laurel's then you may be aware that I was not in a happy place then.

I'd already mentioned to my manager in the charity shop I worked that I would need cheering up on Friday (yesterday) and would it be all right if I worked then. My thinking was that just getting out in the real world doing something would be good therapy. She was happy about this and agreed it would probably help.

It was amazing how much it did help and on many levels. Of course there is just being out of the house. Moping around on the Internet and PS3 will never do me any favor's and just being in a different environment was always going to positive. Another side of things is dealing with the public, again I was pretty much at the front end. The acceptance of the average member of the public in this shop has been really refreshing. Whilst doing this job, I speak to all ages from children to the elderly as well as many different social classes. Charity shops are for everyone and even the better off seem to love rooting around in all the junk, sorry, that's bric-a-brac! Again no one has batted an eyelid although one  of the regulars seems a little puzzled by my voice!

There is also an attitude from the shop staff of accepting anyone that comes in. Everyone that wants to chat is listened to and I think there are many in town that come there because they are aware that they will treated in such a nice manner. There was an unforgettable moment yesterday when a customer came in for an item they had reserved. He had a bunch of flowers with him and one of the ladies that worked there joked, "are they for me?". She is quite extrovert and I suspect very little would surprise her but she didn't know what to say when on impulse the customer gave the flowers to her, paid for his item and left.

But I think the most important thing for me has been the acceptance of the staff which consists of several regular workers and perhaps ten times as many who have worked there in the past and still think they work there. Believe it or not, ex-staff are in and out all day long and think nothing of pitching in when the need arises. Many have spoken to me in great detail about me being transgender and it is great to be able to spread the word and break a few myths. Most importantly, none are even remotely bothered about me being transgender and I feel I have been accepted into this group with open arms. 

Although I accept that many need the support of anti-depressants and would not wish to belittle anyone that does need a helping hand in this way. However, for myself, this charity shop has been my Prozac recently. I expected it to help me after my Laurel's visit and it certainly did and I know I left there yesterday in a very buoyant mood.

Today was a wander around town. We tried to keep it brief but the problem was we kept encountering people we knew, both from Samaritans and the charity shop. A quick hour out soon turned in four! The sun was shining and the wind had dropped making the temperature a little more bearable for a change. I intended to continue my once monthly photo tour of Vivary park but it has been in stasis the last month and it has hardly changed in that time! I did get a couple of photo's in the sun though.


  1. Hello Lucy
    Glad to hear the shop is working out for you. I love a charity shop rummage or a car boot. you find all sorts, some items leave you quizzical but a good metal slap normally knocks the sense back into me. I love the outfit you are wearing the style of cardigan suits you and the grey is a nice soft touch with the vibrancy of your skirt. Wish I could wear pink and get away with it. I have a friend in the state called Shelly she has fully switched(i hope that's not an offensive way of putting it)Sadly I have never met her but she is one of the most beautifully opinionated hold on to you knickers its gonna be a heck of a ride women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.. Hoe this find you well and content

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for your comments. The charity shop has been just the ticket to be honest and the other staff are just wonderful. Customers are generally really kind as well and I had a lovely compliment about my attire today.

      I haven't heard the word switched used to describe what you mean but the usual word is transition.

      Lucy x