Tuesday, 27 May 2014

An update on things

Actually I can't update on much at the moment for a couple reasons. 

My situation with regards the process involved with my future GRS (gender reassignment surgery) has taken a shocking turn with regards the Laurel's gender identity clinic. The process has restarted and I am sort of happy with what I have achieved but what I had to do to get it moving meant having to go way beyond anything anyone should have to do just to get treatment for their condition. Due to what has happened, I am in the process of complaining to the proper authorities. This is not some whimsical complaint either, what has happened to me is very serious and I want action this time. As such, I have no wish to air the problems in public at this time and will only do so when it has been dealt with.

That was the negative issue and more positively today I managed to get my date for my 2nd opinion. It is hard to believe but after pulling out all the stops this afternoon, I have managed to arrange an appointment tomorrow! Yes, that's tomorrow at 13.00! Even with the hassle I have had, this has actually put me ahead of schedule. Perhaps every cloud has a silver lining, it has been certainly been unpleasant recently and this bit of news has managed to lift my spirits a fair amount.

So watch out very soon, tomorrow see another major milestone in my journey to Brighton.

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