Thursday, 1 May 2014

Returning to blogging

I suppose I need to offer my apologies as I clear the tumbleweed that is scattered across this blog. It has been over a year since my last post and I have felt guilt in all that time I have been silent.

Writing a journal of my journey was incredibly important at the start but 2013 saw some changes that left me in the wrong mood for writing anything. 2013 was a year of transitioning but very little in my journey towards the completeness of Lucy. We left off from my 40th birthday, a quiet affair and this summed up the year, it was a year of trying to sort out our lives following on from my job loss.

2014 has seen some stability return as well as a new direction in my journey. This change comes in the form of GRS (gender reassignment surgery). Whilst this next step is not quite on the move yet, the process should be starting in the next few weeks. I want to write about this next step in as great a detail as I can. Writing was very therapeutic at times, and I feel that need to get it all down again to help me work out my thoughts and feelings. 

Over the next few weeks, prior to the start of the official process, I want to refresh the blog on what happened last year and prepare to write about this most exciting step of my journey.

Lucy x


  1. Lucy,

    It's good to se you writing again. From the time I first knew you via Flickr and your old website it was clear that you've always had something interesting to say.

    I'm fortunate enough to have got to know you personally over the last couple of years so I know a lot of what has been going on. But even so, I'm delighted to see that you've "picker up the pen" again and who knows, I might even have another go myself.

    Susan XXX

  2. Thanks Susan. It was amazing going over the whole coming out business again. Reading what I had written, it made me feel like I was back there again and realise what I had achieved. It makes me so glad I did journal much of the important pieces. Ok, so I've had a year off but there was nothing monumental in that year. The big stuff is coming up!
    Lucy x