Saturday, 17 May 2014

The road to Brighton

If you read my previous entry, you will know that the last few weeks have seen me waiting for news of my referral for my gender reassignment surgery (GRS). To recap, I was told in February that I was being given the go ahead for my GRS because I was more than ready and there was no more that could be done for me at the Laurel's (gender identity clinic) until we started this process. The doctor in charge of my care then realised he had made a mistake and decided to hold me back another three months due to me not meeting the correct criteria for GRS. This was not the first mistake this doctor has made and I found it hard to trust him to then start the process on time. 

After speaking to other transwomen, it was suggested that I contact the Laurel's in the latter part of May and ask what was happening. I therefore waited until the second half of May, which was technically after midday on the 16th. Ok this is really splitting hairs, but I was getting desperate for some news. 

I finished my shift in the charity shop a little early and went home to prepare for this phone call. At 13.00, I duly rang up the clinic and left a message enquiring for information about my referral.I waited for twenty or so minutes and then the phone rings. I am almost afraid to pick it up, but there was a definite necessity to this call. I speak to a lovely lady, something that has always been consistent with the Laurel's is the politeness of their admin team. She confirms that one referral has been done and sent off. However, the doctor had said he was going to do both referrals and I had to press quite hard to find out this information. I am not completely sure both have been done but next week should see the copies drop through my letterbox and completely reassure me.

I should explain a little more about what these two referrals are about and what the process is in the next few months.

First and foremost, I need a second opinion from a psychiatrist to confirm my transsexual diagnosis and that GRS is appropriate for me. Whilst I should not be blase about this, this whole step is pretty much a formality. The Laurel's would not be putting me forward for this if I was unlikely to get past this next step. This referral has definitely been done.

The other important part of this process is my referral for GRS at the Brighton Nuffield. To make up for the mistake made in February, the doctor said that he was going to do both referrals together which is not normally the case. This should speed up things a little, perhaps shaving a couple of months off the whole process. It's this referral letter, that I am not so sure has been written. I did hear the referrals(pl) mentioned yesterday so I have to cross my fingers on that one. At the end of the day, I will know by the end of next week whether this has been done or not and rest assured, I will be back on the phone hassling. This is something that is quite apparent in this whole journey, the amount of pushing and prodding you have to do to get anywhere.

So, this part of the journey has now started and the fun begins on Monday with some hair reduction. I will certainly have to report back on this bit of fun...

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