Friday, 27 June 2014

Some positive progress

It is hard to believe that back in May when I restarted my blogging, I was so excited at the prospect of everything that was happening with regards my future GRS (gender reassignment surgery). My intention was to create a realistic journal of everything that happened from 2nd opinion to the surgery and beyond. I wanted to give an honest account of every single part of the process so that anyone going through this in the future could be ready for what was going to happen. Knowledge is absolutely vital with this surgical aspect of our journey, and the more you know the better your outcome can be.

Sadly, it all fell to pieces as soon as it started. It all looked good in the middle of May, I was told my referrals had been written, and a few days later had my first perineal LASER session. It was all positive and just a matter of time before I was getting my 2nd opinion and pre-op appointment at Brighton. Sadly, I had been told less than the truth regarding any letters and the last six weeks have been quite testing indeed. With some very aggressive tactics on the phone, I actually managed to get my 2nd opinion with less then twenty-four hours notice! Since then it has been a waiting game for the final referral letter for my surgery. I had also tried to engage in dialogue with the Laurel's about my issues but with no success.

Today I can report that things are finally back on track. I was contacted by a lady at the Laurel's yesterday and told that my letter had been posted. I asked for confirmation about what it contained and this must have been anticipated because she had the letter on her screen in front of her.

I was still a little wary, and today the letter dropped on my doorstep alongside another from the Laurel's. The first was indeed the referral for surgery and I carefully read it, half expecting delaying tactics within the letter. Actually the letter checked out fine, acknowledged mistakes had been made and the only proviso was that my surgery can't happen before August 2014 due to the fact I will not have completed twelve months on hormones until that date. Realistically, I can't have surgery until mid October due to my perineal hair removal and there are waiting times anyway that will probably put it to sometime mid November or even a little later. One other point within the letter was that it described me as having "severe" gender dysphoria. I have been back through all the letters I have received and this is the first time it is mentioned as severe. I agree that it is so, and I wonder whether this is another tick-box to qualify for surgery?

The second letter was from the clinic manager, and it was quite apologetic about what has happened. It has even offered the opportunity for dialogue, I have contacted the clinic and should be having a face to face meeting next week with regards this.

I am now hoping that it is a much smoother ride towards surgery. I will of course be on tenterhooks until I get my pre-op date and to be honest, I wont be truly relieved until I wake up after the surgery. I hope however, that I can get back to more positive writing and sharing every part of this journey.

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