Friday, 4 July 2014

My 2nd Re-birthday

This is just a quick post because it has been a very busy week. I have had a good friend, Susan, staying with us since Monday and it has been difficult to find the time to write.

4th July, 2012 was the day I changed my name and started living full time as a woman. I have never looked back since that day and I do not regret a moment living as the woman I should have started life as. 

Someone on Facebook called it my re-birthday. I have always joked about having two birthdays but I must admit, I like the term re-birthday. It separates it from my birth birthday and I actually feel more passionately about today than my birthday. It was the final removal of the man in me and that start of my new and more enjoyable life.

Also this week I had my appointment at the Laurel's. It was a much more positive meeting with the Dr. as well as a very good meeting with the clinic manager. The mistakes they have made were admitted, apologised for and plans set in place to ensure they happen to no one else. 

On returning home from the Laurel's, I was phoned by a lovely lady from the Brighton Nuffield. To my surprise, I found myself being offered the 22nd July as my pre-op date. This was much quicker than I expected and it feels like things are really moving forward with my GRS. There are however dark clouds on the horizon because the rumors are that finances are an issue with regards GRS this but I will try to stay positive and hope that before the end of the year, I will be recovering from my GRS.


  1. Happy re-birthday, Lucy. And what a lovely re-birthday present from The Laurels, too. I wish you all the best for the 22nd and send an Internet hug to Mandy too.

    1. Thanks Angie. I am sure I will be writing something about the 22nd close after the time!