Sunday, 29 May 2016

Returning to the blog

I admit that I have contributed nothing to this blog since last October. It has sat here, quietly doing nothing but I have discovered that more than a few people have been putting it to a positive use. 

Mandy and myself have done a few radio interviews over the last nine months and we found out that the manager of the radio station used this blog to get an insight into myself and Trans people. We also were on local TV recently, and the lady that interviewed had also utilised my blog to get an insight into my world. I also came across a counsellor that educated themselves for a job interview working with Trans people by reading this blog. Finally, I come across people during the course of my work at the Laurel's that have also used the blog, particularly regarding my lower surgery.

This has led me to reflect on what to do with this material. Do I tidy up everything, remove some of the weaker material and keep the useful stuff as a resource base for people? Do I remove the blog completely and give myself a higher level of privacy? Do I examine the blog and perhaps continue to contribute to it again?

I am kind of thinking that I will do a little tidy initially. There is much useful material that I will keep, such as the whole surgery story as well as other writings that would be useful to a transitioning person. There are some posts that are just low mood whines, that served a purpose at the time but are useless to anyone now. I also need to update the "about me" to reflect where I am now with myself. I also think an index to get to important information quickly would be useful.

I am going to do this over the next few weeks. Once I have it where I want it to be, then I am going to start contributing again and feel a perspective of life after transitioning might be useful to people. 

So, to any regular visitors, stay tuned. I will be back properly by the end of June.

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