Sunday, 21 June 2015

A fortnight in the Lakes

Our fortnight in the Lakes, as told by photographs. I hope this goes ok, Blogger can be very tricky when it comes to formatting and images.
A gentle walk around Whitehaven, it was quite chilly and windy for June.
The harbour mouth at Whitehaven.
A walk to our nearby lake, Bassenthwaite.
From above Bassenthwaite village (the lake is in the distance)
Ennerdale Lake, a gentle and flat looking walk, that was anything but in reality!
Ennerdale from the North end.
Ennerdale from the South end.
The only way for Mandy to see Penrith castle was down into the moat and back up again. She was not keen...
Penrith Castle.
Derwent water from part way up Skiddaw, the 4th (it may be 3rd but there is debate about this) highest mountain in England.
Across to Scotland from Skiddaw.
931 metres from sea level!
Or over 3000 feet above sea level.
A lovely sunny day in Windemere.
More sunny smiles.
Skiddaw (that we climbed) shrouded in cloud.
Heck, I gotta go paddling at least once!
Nearly trod on this toad whilst walking one day.
The river Derwent, and Susan.
The same river, and Me!
The three of us in Carlisle.
Derwent water, a little ways from Keswick.

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  1. Great photos, Lucy, and congratulations for making it up Skiddaw. What a view!