About this blog

I am Lucy, and I used to be a transgender woman. Now I am simply Lucy and no longer feel transgender. I wrote a great deal about my transitioning as it happened but most of that has now been saved in my personal archive.

One part of the process that I wrote about in great detail was my lower surgery. I refer to it as GRS, gender reassignment surgery, although I understand some now find that term inaccurate. At the time it was the accepted terminology and will remain so in this historical blog.

I have left the majority of this blog intact as a resource for those considering or actually proceeding with this surgery. I now work at one of the GIC's in the UK and specialise in informing and educating people approaching this surgery. Being well informed can significantly improve recovery time as well as even physical outcomes. I have also developed training material for professionals supporting people in this area.

This blog remains to supplement the work that I do as well as the training I deliver. It is "my" story of my surgery and should be viewed as such. Your experience may differ, but I hope it is as positive and enjoyable as mine was.