Friday, 27 March 2015

The aftermath of the silver nitrate treatment

A short post but hopefully a useful one.

Following on from my visit to Brighton on Tuesday, I have found there have been some issues to deal with after having my granulation treated with the silver nitrate sticks. There were two areas that were treated and they both had slightly different effects.

The clitoral area had an obvious lump of granulation as well as a loose flap of skin. Mr. Thomas treated this first and this was the area I reported as visibly fizzing as he did so. It wasn't so much a stinging sensation and more of a super intense tingle. I had a lot of black discharge come from this for 12 hours and it was very noticeable on the pad. I also had a lot of dark brown mucosal discharge for another couple of days. In addition, the area was covered in a dark grey coating that took some time to clean off. Even now, a few days on, I am still finding a few flecks of this coating. We've also found that the area is prone to bleeding when cleaning although it is much better than before the treatment. I also had some major swelling to the point that I could not see my clitoris but this has receded back. Overall though, the area looks a lot cleaner and better than it did. However, it is all super-sensitive at the moment. This might indicate a promise of potential for stimulation but it is going to be a few more days before it is ready for this.

Internally, this I am unable to see. I noticed the day after that the gel that oozes out after dilation was a very red-brown colour. This has not changed in the last three days and I am also still getting a lot of streaks on the ends of the dilators. The grey coating I had from my clitoral area is also coming from inside. Sometimes I douche and nothing comes out and then other times, there is so much that I get alarmed and douche again. The pain I was getting on dilation has eased a little but is still there. Overall, all the discharge is abating and it feels like it is getting easier.

Here are a couple of useful links with regards this treatment. 

A leaflet giving advice as to what to do following treatment.

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