Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Go Girl!

Perhaps a post on a slightly lighter note is in order after my last "rant". Ok, I admit that whole GRC form made me a little angry but time to move on.

A month or so ago, I wrote about a walk I had had and how difficult it had been to answer the call of nature in the middle of nowhere. It seems that I am not alone in this and some advice was offered. I must admit it all seemed to conflict with each other and my own experience.

Ironically, a few days later, a certain product took Facebook by storm. It was shared by some big celebs on there, including Lizzy the Lezzy and George Takei. The product in question was called Go Girl and is basically a female urination device. It enables you to urinate whilst standing up.

After the best part of forty years of having the wrong parts, it now seems strange to want to buy a device to mimic the days of old. To be honest though, if I want to enjoy some longer distance walks, I need to solve this problem. It's either stand to wee or end up with wet and smelly clothing.

I bought the item and awaited it's delivery. On opening the packet, I found it comes in a very small tube but once unpacked it unrolls to it's proper size. Once it's out, it is apparently difficult to get back in but they give you a bag to store it in. They also provide a few sheets of toilet paper too for the first go! The device and bag are cleanable and reusable but the paper, no that will need replacing every time! Given how proficient I am at cleaning my dilators, cleaning this device will be a breeze.

The advice is to practice in the shower first before hitting the road with it and I decided that after a dilation would be a good time. I was still at three times a day, so there were plenty of opportunities available. I did my dilation, got everything ready and stood in the shower. You hold the device in one hand and place it over the vagina. It even has top marked on it to help you position it. You align your thumb at the top, forefinger at the bottom and hold it tight with that. This helps creates a seal at the side and then it is a case of just doing the business.

I must admit that it felt a little odd doing this. I had found enormous relief at being able to toilet correctly after all those years and then here I am again, peeing stood up with a phallic shaped device. I must admit it did bring back some dysphoria, but I managed to overcome that by remembering that this was for a practical reason and not for any form of mimicry. 

Unease asides, it worked incredibly well. I had forgotten that post-dilation, I am covered in KY Jelly but even with all that mess, there was absolutely no leakage and it worked a treat. Cleaning was simple, I already had a sink of anti-bacterial wash from cleaning my douche so it was a case of rinsing it around in this.

I have yet to use it out in the wild and I suspect the biggest issue will be cleaning but I will carry some baby wipes for this purpose. I hope though, it will simplify what was quite a difficult issue even though it seems a little like cheating!

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  1. What a shame it isn't the same colour as your other new gadget that you take out on walks. But it's fairly close! Hopefully it will get a full test run over the next week or so.......... :-)